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Yudkowsky really is one of those people who's a stopped clock. I wish he'd focus on that sort of stuff more than the mad AI crap.

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The problem with this assessment is that we've tried the approach of reasoning with people like this and all it does is allow them to proselytise. They don't want a polite debate, they want a pulpit.

A neo-Nazi who's stuffed in a box talking to other neo-Nazis is a neo-Nazi who's not infesting some other place trying to spread shit about "race realism". They'll find it a lot harder to "march on Washington" when it's just a couple hundred Nazis and not a couple hundred Nazis plus thousands of others they've radicalised.

Sunlight's a shitty disinfectant. I prefer bleach.

When introducing members to kbin/lemmy don't mention the fediverse!

I introduced kbin to someone today who asked what the fediverse was. I answered for them of course, but it made me realize that the concept is still technobabble for most people. The average joe probably doesn't care or notice that server A is really talking to server B. Just have them find out on their own and if a mass...

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Everyone has used the "email" metaphor since the Mastodon migration back in 2022 and it still sounds overcomplicated, because frankly from the point of view of someone used to a single service on a single website, it is.

It really is better to ignore the whole federation stuff entirely while you're getting people on board.

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You are repeating the same mistakes that were made with Mastodon if you bamboozle people with a bunch of shit they frankly don't care about when you try and sell them on a replacement for a site they already use.

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Yes, but apparently it's not enough to actually get people using this Fediverse thing, they also have to be completely sold on all of its technical and ideological underpinnings and you need to make sure they are right at the point where they might be willing to try it.

I mean, who wants users if they unbellyfeel fediverse?

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In my view the issue with explanations of the Fediverse in general is that they all seem to rely on people either already having a rough understanding of what a server is and how that relates to them. If you don't have those priors then the concept will simply not register.

Frankly a lot of people had trouble understanding subreddits, let alone client-server architectures for online services. They just saw Reddit as "an app", or Twitter as "an app". The stuff behind that is essentially magic to them, but is also abstracted away so it's not their problem. The fediverse seems to make that their problem in a very confrontational way, not helped by a) some people insisting that prior knowledge of how fedi works is necessary for participation and b) the fact that unlike email (the most popular metaphor) communication between instances is neither fully automatic nor often transparent to the end user.

To be blunt, it's nerd shit. Nerds like it but to everyone else, it's just nerd shit. Most people don't want nerd shit getting in the way of their online time.

The best way to explain the Fediverse, to my mind, is to not. Anyone who's interested will find out about it, anyone who's not can just use it. I don't need to understand the mechanics of a hybrid drivetrain, lithium ion batteries and combustion engines to drive my car. I just press the "Start" button and drive it.

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I don't really agree with this because the fediverse is not only interconnected by a technology (ActivityPub) but also by some shared values, like inclusivity and kindness to each other.

That's kind of overegging the pudding. There's nothing intrinsically "nice" about fedi, quite a lot that isn't, and this feels like a promise that will be very rapidly seen as hollow lies the moment someone has a negative interaction, as well they might.

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I'm going to keep banging the drum here that the fact exists and is basically the instance is why it's gaining traction over Lemmy, which is far more splintered.

Not having to choose an instance massively reduces the barrier to entry for newbies. I really don't think we should be pushing people to other instances if we can help it right now, that can be a consideration further down the line.

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