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There's a lot of people who just resent the idea of mods in general because they feel affronted that they can't just spray their shitposts wherever they feel like and/or object to the idea of the Internet having any kind of quality bar. They're mainly just reacting to it with a "if the mods are for it, I'm against it" mentality.

But yeah, also, the people who didn't leave for the blackout are more likely than not to side with Reddit, or actually like the Reddit app and not care about the fuss.

Also also, there's a vast majority of people who consider this whole brouhaha to be nerd shit and don't care.

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It's in the same boat as Reddit is where it has gained a lot of goodwill by providing free content hosting for pretty much anyone, but because they've done that for so long it's seen as having little value, so attempts to generate value from it are resented.

I'm a lot more sympathetic to YouTube than I am to Reddit though, to put it bluntly.

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Boris Johnson in "liar" shocker.

This should end his career but then again, there's been lots of other things that should have ended his career well before this and didn't.

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The sort of sneering at newbies is exactly the sort of shit that in no small part gave Mastodon a reputation of being hostile to outsiders.

If we want this shit to take off as something other than a nerd curio, it needs to be accessible, not delivered with a side helping of judgment for not being 100% on board with the endeavour from the beginning.

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Absolutely. In my experience, there's a really strong tendency from people who are already all-in on fedi to treat "this thing doesn't have feature X that my previous site Y did" as simple whining and respond to it with hostility rather than constructive criticism, you can see that with the thin-skinned reaction to some criticisms of Mastodon back in November about e.g. lack of quote posts or poor discovery features.

They don't treat it as constructive criticism or actual feedback from users but instead as an assault on something they identify with personally, which is a recipe for disaster

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