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How do I stop certain communities from showing up in my feed?

Am I correct in assuming that blocking a community stops it from showing in your feed? I see a lot of posts from communities in languages I don't speak and would like them to not show up on my feed. So I blocked a few, but I'm not 100% sure if what I did has the intended effect....

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That furry spam was infuriating. Especially since on Kbin, you have to navigate to the specific domain itself using the Kbin interface, which means seeing more furry porn.

While it's just annoying in the case of furries getting to shove their fetish in peoples' faces, it poses a serious issue in case there's a domain that starts posting less-than-legal porn or whatever - in some jurisdictions, even having that in your browser cache is a crime, so specifically having to look at all the content from such a domain is... sub-optimal.

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