Deliverator, to guitar in Good living room guitar/bass amps?
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It depends what you're looking for as far as bells and whistles but if I were you I'd start scouring every pawn shop in a 10 mile radius of your house and see what you can find. Peavey solid state amps seem be indestructible but usually not many options. I had a lot of fun with my Line 6 Spider III back in the day, and the fender frontman series was also decent from my recollection

Deliverator, to fuckcars in Only quitters stop at 10 lanes [Image]
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Pave the earth approved picture

Deliverator, to kbinMeta in passes 50K users
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I really like kbins layout/structure, it's like a mix of reddit and twitter and with some optimization could really be something special.

Deliverator, to mildlyinfuriating in "Definitive Extended Complete Deluxe Ultimate Special Edition"
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That old George Carlin bit is more relevant than ever:

Deliverator, (edited ) to explainlikeimfive in What way did the Titan submersible implode?
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This is a good example, it's a hydrophone recording of a glass sphere imploding, the level of sound and echo should give you a good idea of the kind of forces we're dealing with:

Deliverator, to gardening in Are aquaponic gardens welcome?
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Deliverator, to techsupport in [Solved] PC partially powering off
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If the memory is fine it would also be wise to check your hard drive, I had similar issues right before my old laptop drive failed. Also are you using an integrated graphics card or an external GPU? Some extra specs may be useful

Deliverator, to gardening in Black spots on my Bolivian Torch cactus, any tips? (USA zone 6)
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Thanks for the advice, my place is air conditioned but it's an old house so I'll have to keep a closer eye on humidity as well. If I had to do surgery would that entail just chopping off the entire section or just removing the blackened parts?

Deliverator, to RedditMigration in Why we need to move on from
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Frankly I think we need more people before we can start getting concerned about things like that. If we're trying to make the Fediverse a viable alternative it has to be appealing and easy enough to use that people want to use it. If we don't get that right this whole thing is doomed from the start

Deliverator, to kbinMeta in Here's my final idea for a Kbin mascot, I call it the "Kbird" (K = Kakatuá), since someone shared a Fediverse flag resembling a pirate flag I thought a bird mascot would fit.
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  • Deliverator, to main in Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg agree to hold cage fight
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    At first everything about this was infuriating but now I want to see the entire C-suite of Meta and Twitter face off in gladiatorial combat, and we can stream it all on twitch and bet on who will live

    Deliverator, to machinelearning in The Curse of Recursion: Training on Generated Data Makes Models Forget
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    Yeah it does not portend well for the future, especially combined with the current explosion of low quality, profit driven content. I fear if left unchecked we could approach some kind of Kessler Syndrome-style scenario where desire for rapid growth and profit will poison the well in the long term. "Garbage in, garbage out"

    Deliverator, to RedditMigration in Reddit's response about the actions they took against the subreddits (note: r/mildly interesting DID NOT encourage nsfw content and their suspensions and removal have been revoked by a diff admin)
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    Its that good old American puritanical spirit at work

    Deliverator, to RedditMigration in The immediate future of the subreddit [r/chess] is in question after our latest subreddit poll. Results and the situation so far
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    "Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death"

    Deliverator, to synthesizers in Moog Music has been bought by inMusic, alongside brands like Alesis, Akai, Numark - CDM Create Digital Music
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    Yeah this is real 'Gibson buys Mesa Boogie amplifiers' kinda vibe to me

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