[request] Help finding a space movie

An astronaut crash lands on an elongated asteroid with extremely strong gravity. He manages to crawl away from his ship and finds that the gravity in the middle is normal and the gravity at the far end is reversed. Time is also affected by gravity and goes backward at the far end of the asteroid. His dog was injured and he...


When a trailer looks that mediocre, knowing that trailers are often assembled from the best a film can offer, you know it’ll suck.

Introversion, (edited )

If aborting an embryo is (according to Republicans) tantamount to murder, and they want it to be actual murder, i.e., embryos == babies, then owning embryos must be slavery?

If they were consistent in their beliefs, that is. Does birth then emancipate them or do they remain property?


Or, hear me out, binge it and then immediately binge it again.

Notes from a year of reading science fiction and fantasy [potentially minor spoilers]

Below are books I’ve read over the last year, with notes about on what I thought of them. I started this list just to remind me what the books were about and if I thought they were worth reading. As the year went on, my notes became a little more substantial. The list was for me, but I thought I’d share in case it’s useful...


The first sequel is worth a read. Subsequent ones are weaker, IMO.


Growing up in the 1960s, my father was a chainsmoker. I never noticed. It was the water that little fish me swam in.

He quit when I was, I dunno, maybe 12 or 13. Suddenly, I noticed tobacco smoke when I encountered it, and it was revolting. I deeply resented having to work in an office in the 1980s that allowed smoking. I deeply resented restaurants with “smoking sections” that were just a half-wall separating me and smokers. I hated flying, with the stench from the “smoking section” filling my air.

How did I survive? Resentfully.


Some accounts there have recently encouraged traders to keep investing in a fight they said was about “good vs evil” — a way to defend Trump from the liberal elites laughing at him and, by extension, them. The user @BaldylocksUSMC said “the fight has been long and hard on most of us” and that “this stock is not for the weak,” but that one day they would triumph over critics who were “brainwashed beyond repair.”

Ol’ BaldylocksUSMC is such a strong man! Invest more, Baldy! Sell the house, invest the proceeds in DJT! Own me, baby! —The Libs


Why? To make workers fearful. Fearful people are less likely to protest or unionize.


“We’ve always been at war with Eastasia the working class.”


Give us a viable path fom here to there, given that capitalism doesn’t give a shit about them and that they have been trained to hate SoCiaLisM?

Seriously, if you had a magic wand that could cause the entirety of our federal, state and local governments to want to improve the lot of poor rural Americans, what would result from that?

Because most of the things I can think of, like universal basic income, universal free (at point of access) healthcare, etc, are exactly things that conservative poor rurals have for decades been propagandized to hate as SoCiaLisM.

Myself, I grow tired of hearing that I need to better understand those folks and why they vote as they do. I’ve lived in rural areas, in my youth. It’s among the reasons that I don’t live there now.

Fact check: Trump falsely claims US crime stats are only going up. Most went down last year, including massive drop in murder (

Former President Donald Trump falsely claimed on Tuesday that US crime statistics are “only” going up. In fact, most US crime numbers went down last year – and the decreases included one of the largest national declines in murder ever recorded....


Gotta give him credit, though. He’s been doing his level best to make it go up.


Aggressively disinterested in another Matrix film.

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