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it's slowly sinking in there is no algorithm on this app. it's like...the users are the algorithm.. we decide what gets visibility and what doesn’t. that is a lot of power, and with great power....come great responsibility. into the

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which sucks in a way, because it means anything that isn't terribly popular but is relevant to me personally seems essentially impossible to find

kevroad02, to mastodon

according to @jsstaedtler's poll with around 40,000 votes, 45% of @Mastodon is 40+ year olds. is this a factor in why some new, perhaps younger users find it difficult to find appealing accounts or posts?

as a 20y/o it's been easy for me to find accounts that i align with politically (socialist), but it's been difficult finding users that have similar humor as me (i enjoy @196.


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there's no cool shit on mastodon, it's all think-pieces and stuff. there's no room for the comically stupid around there parts. dare i say it, mastodon's userbase is intimidating.

xc2215x, to AskKbin

What do you think of Mastodon ?

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@xc2215x Empty. The lack of normal-ass people means there aren't enough monkeys-at-typewriters to put out the occasional absolute banger.

renwillis, to mastodon avatar


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    @renwillis what's this about, then?

    acunasdaddy, to fediverse

    Can someone help me with a few kbin/lemmy questions? I'm trying to understand the difference between the upvote and "boost". Also the differences between Threads, Microblog, and Magazines.


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    Upvote does basically nothing, boost is upvote. This is because of a bug, so make sure you just press both buttons.

    gme, to fediverse

    If your only view of the is through 's lens then your view is extremely limited and distorted. You're missing out on the full spectrum of the .

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    not like there's much else lmao, 99% of the posts i've seen on here so far are just about the damn fediverse. there aren't even low-effort shitposts or anything, just techbros rambling about how cool federation is

    CultureDesk, (edited ) to food avatar

    With the recent approval of cell-cultivated chicken, it appears we’ve reached the moment where “science fiction becomes reality” in the food realm. What’s your take on “chicken” grown in a lab?

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    How's it taste? If that's just as good, then I smell easy boneless chicken "breast". Hope it doesn't end up more expensive than getting chicken meat the old-fashioned way, especially if manufacturers figure they can charge a premium on ethically-sourced meat.

    rackmountrambo, to AskKbin

    Why is my Facebook so full of right wing baloney?

    Literally every other suggested post is about anti-trans stuff or gun rights. Is it because I commented once in a thread about how Trudeau isn't a fascist?

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    @rackmountrambo Facebook (and Twitter, for that matter) are formulated to push extreme-right-wing views because those get the most engagement, either from disgust or zealous approval.

    People who like fascism also like clicking suspicious ads for penis enlargement pills and barely-legal teens in their area, which makes Facebook and Twitter more money. It's a consequence of advertisers gaining control of all media.

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