This just in, different things have differences.


More than most billionaires is a pathetically low bar to clear. Charities are less efficient than paying taxes to fund proper centralized systems but this way they get to hold on to the majority of their dragon hoard, not meaningfully address most of the cause they donate too, and launder their reputation to people like you that can’t see past the hollow optics.


She needs to pollute so she can keep singing isn’t the defense you think it is. If anything it’s evidence of her own selfish belief that the environment shouldn’t affect her money train.

I’m sure streaming residuals and the metric tons of marketing deal money are more than enough for her to slow down and find an ethical way to travel.


It’s not the person organizing the event and flying people out. It’s those poor peasants that dared attend. What an argument to make.

Someone else would fly the jet is also, not a coherent defense because someone else isn’t doing that. She’s flying her own private jet right now.

It’s a systemic problem, yes. So criticize all aspects of the system to show how inherently flawed it is. All private jet travel by all celebrities should be criticized. Suddenly when it’s not Elon tons of defenders need to tell us how we should look the other way and how there’s nothing important here in this identical situation.

If anyone is trying to prevent anything, it’s Taylor sycophants throwing themselves to defend her from valid criticism.


Nope. Still propaganda. It has a negative cultural connotation but any form of persuasive rhetoric fits the basic definition of propaganda.

Me and internet funeral

Hey, FUCKER here. For the people who actually remember me, yes I’m still alive. If you’re wondering why I stopped posting, it was a combination of things, but it was mostly caused by my deteriorating motivation to do anything recently. When I first started this community, I was always excited to hear people’s funny thought...


You mean after the Israeli PM that brokered the deal was assassinated a staunch opponent of the deal, Netanyahu, took power and refused to follow through with the part of the agreement where they pull their illegal settlements out of the West Bank that the Palestinians are the ones who refused peace there?

You don’t get to wipe your ass with an agreement then whine when the other party abandons it. Much like their propping up of Hamas, Netanyahu’s coalition has shown time and time again that good faith negotiations is not what they’re interested in.


He’d be proud considering his family’s implied participation in the business plot, an attempt to overthrow the government by corpos in the 30s.

US moves to reimpose sanctions on Venezuela after opposition candidate barred from presidential election (

The US has reimposed economic sanctions against a Venezuelan state-owned mining company and says it could go on to reimpose further sanctions on the country’s oil and gas sector after Venezuela’s Supreme Court barred main opposition candidate Maria Corina Machado from running for president last week....


Do you believe someone who foments an insurrection like Trump should be allowed to participate in a good faith election? I don’t know the specifics of what’s happening in Venezuela but simply barring someone from an election isn’t the full context you need to properly evaluate the decision.


Israel started out by trying to sweep as many Palestinians into the grave as possible. The prominent Likud party also uses “river to the sea” rhetoric.

You’re not wrong but like many you only know of one side’s narrative. It’s far more complicated than you’ve shown and there’s mass killings from both Zionists and the people group they invaded and pushed out of their homes.

Hamas releases video of three Israeli hostages saying they'll learn 'fate' on Monday (

The undated 37-second video of Noa Argamani, 26, Yossi Sharabi, 53, and Itai Svirsky, 38, released on Sunday night showed them speaking presumably under duress, pleading with Israel’s government to end the war and get them home....


Learn to read before throwing out smug insults. They aren’t genociding, they’re baiting Israel into validating their existence as a militant force and bolstering support through martyrdom.

Do you understand the dynamics of an extremist organization? One facing an enemy many times better equipped than themselves? Or are you assuming they’re too stupid to realize what Israel’s response would be to oct 7?


And they keep taking land in the West Bank and they’re pushing everyone in Gaza into a smaller and smaller area. Sounds like they’re getting what the leadership wants.

International standing only matters if America can get over playing blind defense for Netanyahu’s coalition. They know this, the SA case in the ICJ has shown quotes from Israeli leadership that are abhorrent. Bold statements of genocidal intent from people that don’t expect consequences to reach them.

White House says ‘it’s the right time’ for Israel to scale back Gaza war as fighting hits 100 days (

The White House said Sunday that “it’s the right time” for Israel to scale back its military offensive in the Gaza Strip, as Israeli leaders again vowed to press ahead with their operation against the territory’s ruling Hamas militant group....


was there more than one wedding bombed?


Sounds like there’s still a bunch of weddings left to hit if your framing is taken seriously. Seems like they aren’t as comparable to Israel in bloodlust as you imply. Israel got more civilian kills in 3 months than the US got in 20 years in Afghanistan after all.

Bad people and organizations are still bad even if others do worse, you don’t need to falsely equivocate the two.


Because in a flawed system you can’t get to your ideal outcome without actively trying to minimize harm. There’s more to politics than Israel-Palestine and one party advocates replacing as many non politically appointed federal employees with as many partisans as they can and the other has members pushing for legislation to make third parties more viable.

Maybe if there was any meaningful attempt to grow local support we wouldn’t have to pick between a terrible or a horrific option but you don’t get there by not voting.


Were you trying to help them out by providing an example of their point? Or are you just hurt and defensive?


He’s personally delivering his own money? There’s more to a government than the president. Congress votes on funding like this.

Too many people obsess exclusively over the US president as though checks and balances don’t exist. Maybe if we start talking shit about local representatives too we can get people aware of the many other ways they can influence the country outside of whining every 4 years that all the political canvassing they didn’t do hasn’t resulted in acceptable candidates.

I do agree with your position on Palestine btw, but this messaging is so unhelpful.

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