or openvpn on the same jellyfin/plex server if wireguard isn't supported but openvpn is.


propably real debrid


... where?
I can only find a general plex community, not one for sharing.


I mean most of the body is water, which will withstand any pressure in the ocean.

I'd assume that a body slowly dropped to that depth would remain mostly intact.
The Speed at which everything happened makes it much more difficult. How quickly did the hull collapse, how quickly did the air in the submarine compress, did that pressure have time to equalize in the bodies as well?


I mean we can set the language of posts, cant you filter by the language (yet)?
Well, one more thing for the to do list, because yeah, that's obviously useful


Aber ist XMPP heute wirklich schlechter dran als es vor Google und Facebook war?

Anekdotisch kann ich nur sagen das ich zwischenzeitlich halt über XMPP mit Facebook kommunizieren konnte, und dann nicht mehr, aber das hat XMPP ja nicht schlechter gemacht als zu den Zeitpunkt bevor Facebook verfügbar war, nur dorthin zurückgeführt.
Aber das ist eben nur die anekdote, Daten habe ich leider keine gefunden, sowas wie aktive Benutzerzahlen über mehrere alte XMPP instanzen.

Aber der Artikel scheint sich ja auch nicht darauf festnageln lassen zu wollen, denn er sagt nur:

One thing is sure: if Google had not joined, XMPP would not be worse than it is today.

Aber die Kernfrage ist doch ob es besser wäre, oder nicht?

(Disclaimer: I’ve never studied the Matrix protocol so I have no idea how it technically compares with XMPP. I simply believe that it solves the same problem and compete in the same space as XMPP).

Ich muss ja zugeben das ich mir nicht 100% sicher bin, aber ist nicht XMPP das Nachrichtenprotokoll, ca. wie ActivityPub, und Matrix nutzt ein anderes Nachrichtenprotokoll, WebRTC, sodass hier ein Vergleich von verschiedenen Softwareebenen versucht wird?


That's bullshit.
Especially without knowing the terms of the NDA. It could just be that they can't talk about Metas App Specifics, and/or that the NDA is limited in duration, so they may be able to talk about everything once the App is out.
Yes, it could be what you are talking about, a complete gag order, but "NDA" as a term is way to broad to say that for sure.

It just says that he currently values knowing more about Metas plans higher than being able to tell us about Metas plans.
I mean, depending on the timeline, one could check if there's any interesting PRs by him, that may infer something about Metas plans.


W = p Δ V
The Sub had a Volume of the 142 cm (56 in) internal diameter, 2.4-meter-long (7.9 ft) carbon fiber-wound cylinder
so 3.8m³ of air, should be about 3.8m³ x 4x10⁷ Pa = 152x10⁶ J, 152MJ

TNT has about 4.2x10⁶J/kg, so I get about 36kg of TNT.
But I ignored the front and back Domes, which will add a bit, and possibly have other issues as well, so the ballpark should be right.


Bei amazon die erstebste chemiekeule für nen 10er bestellen
biomüll geschlossen halten


they aren't all RNG though.
The game significantly favours Items you have/bought before over giving you new ones.


Static 60fps unlocks the game up to 60fps.
Dynamic FPS fixes the physics slowdowns when you don't reach 60fps.

I think it's just DynamicFPS++ that includes the 60fps patch, the other one does not, and there seem to be slight differences between the two, and some people prefer one over the other.


Facebook is planning to join the Fediverse by releasing a Twitter-like service that runs on ActivityPub. This would flood the Fediverse with content (and trolls) from Facebook, allow Facebook to mine data from the Fediverse, and would do irreparable damage to this small part of the internet which has not yet been marred by...

TheYang, (edited )

This is just such a stupid Idea.
Facebook (and anyone else!) already can "mine" the fediverse for data.
it's open.
that's the point.

Will Facebook suddenly become the largest player in the fediverse, sure.
Should that make one wary, also, sure.

But why would we want to discourage them?
Better they also use ActivityPub than not!
if the need arises, it can be blocked, if not, great.

I'd love it if Whatsapp moved to XMPP and I could use different Apps to communicate with friends on there for example.

/e: we should be paranoid if facebook proposes changes to the protocol.
I think, there must be decent people working at facebook, so while "we" should be paranoid, we should also be willing to listen.


currently using kingkong2 pro, which is nice, but I don't like that it doesn't use standard batteries.

and the four connection modes are weird, gyro only works in switch-mode, where it acts like a switch pro controller


So... is all My Hero Academia porn illegal in Canada?
They started at 14, and are 16 now as far as I understand.

I never heard anyone call that stuff CP, although it technically would have to be, as long as the artist doesn't somehow clarify "this is art from a future version, where they're all 18, they just look the same because awesome genes" or whatever.


it's not lemmy, just also on the fediverse, so it's not on there.

but it's at over 30k now, soooo...


you're reading it wrong, I'll maybe get to lokking up the link, but you're looking at a"users in the database" count, which includes posts from the fediverse.
kbin has ~27k users

oh,29k, that was quick


I mean, for what passes as wet in F1 racing.

I've never heard of cars stopping because of rain before I started watching F1.
And it still seems ridiculous.
Doubly so when Teams/Manufacturers argue about bringing F1 tech to road cars down the line.


well, we have !piracy and the other communities on that page.
should be quite receptive for linking streams.

just make one, if we don't find an existing one!

/e: either I am, or kbin is currently being stupid with the link above, but this:
should get you the idea

Beehaw "entföderiert" sich von und

Begründung ist wohl der hohe Moderationsaufwand bei Föderationen mit Instanzen mit offener Anmeldung. Ich weiß nicht was ich davon halten soll, als beehaw-User würde es mich auf jeden Fall glaube ich ziemlich nerven und mich dazu bewegen, mich stattdessen auf oder zu registrieren. Ich bin...


Das bestärkt mich einfach weiter darin, dass Reddit mal mit der Scheiße ein Jahr hatte warten sollen, bis die Lemmy und kbin software ausgereifter sind ;)

Das wäre auch in einem Jahr nicht aufgefallen, da es die user durch den Reddit-fuckup brauchte, um das ganze festzustellen.

Aber wenn sich das UI diesen Monat noch etwas verbessert, und evtl dann bald noch Apps für kbin rauskommen, dann könnte ab Ende des Monats wenn Reddit die inoffiziellen Apps schließt ein halbwegs gesundes Wachstum für das Fediverse weitermachen.

Und dann in einigen Monaten kommen dann verbesserte Mod-Tools etc.


They advertise themselves as a safe space.

being safe and being open are somewhat detrimental to each other.
They choose to be less open, to be more safe.

Fine by me, but I'd expect them to turn into a LGBTQIA+ (is that the current one?) echo chamber before long.
And maybe I'll be wrong, and that'll be fine too.


not really, while apparently there is read access for other instances, I couldn't get a post to this thread from lemmy


kbin has 25k users. The statistics page shows users it's seen, so including all the polled federated servers. has 35k users, and lemmy as a network has 120k.
And Lemmy is still federating properly (both ways)

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