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I love drawing pretty bois and having trash taste. Also be chill because I‘m an anxious mess and I will cry.

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Curious about what will end up being the best game version to experience the story for the first time with. I started on FES a few days before the remake got leaked and have been hesitant to continue ever since.
Anyway the trailer seems great and as always I love how stylish everything looks!

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I‘ve been playing since the beginning of stormblood and have been doing savage raids since sb‘s second tier! Mainly in pf, sometimes with friends in semi-static arrangements. I really prefer the week 1 solo pf experience tho because I like meeting new people and doing fights blind!
Mostly just subbing for two or three months when a new tier drops and at other major content additions. Speaking of, whats currently the best place to look for static members? (Chaos/Light DC)

My favorite fight is currently p10s, I really love how different it feels from a lot of other recent ones. The english voicelines are also just great. (possibly only matched by ‚emet-selch himself could do no better‘ from p11!)

Either way I hope this community grows a bit, would be nice to have a reddit alternative!

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I‘m still so hung up on whether to get this game or not! On one hand I really love darker plots and mysteries to figure out, but on the other I heard that theres potentially jarring tone shifts and I‘m not a massive fan of everyone being highshool age either hmmm…
I saw someone compare it to psychedelica of the black butterfly and I really wanted to like that game but was rather lukewarm on it for those reasons.

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Yeah I think I‘ll do the same - let‘s hope we get some good switch sales this year!

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