Not sure how this would contribute to people still using Reddit/Twitter as their main feed? This is for mirroring subreddits so the content can be browsed from Lemmy and when you comment, your comment is viewed by others using Lemmy. I think this is good mainly for videos, images and links and discussing them here on Lemmy. Wouldn't make sense for subs where you want to interact directly with OP, like advice subs.

Thanks for the feedback though, a bot flag in the title would eliminate anyone mistaking a bot for a person.


API is changing in a few days, not being dropped. I haven't dug into it but I'm not too worried that usage will go above free tier. If that dies there's the .json versions of the site you can view by adding .json to most reddit URLs, and even if they kill that there will always be scraping.


It's possible but kind of pointless. Who wants to read a bunch of comments of people being wrong and not even be able to respond (directly) to them?


I love it! Allow me to contribute to with this bot I've been working on



I was actually worried when I first saw the AMA post. I thought Reddit was going to back down on the API costs and decentralized nostr and fediverse projects would go back to niche services "too technical" for broad adoption

Commenting across instances (kbin.social)

If I registered at lemmy.world, is it possible to still comment on a thread at say lemmy.ml? I get the expected "You are not logged in" and while subscribing is easy enough, I'm not able to comment or interact with other instances. This seems normal as users are unique per instance, I just want to make sure I'm not missing a key...


Greetings from kbin.social, Lemmy's cooler younger cousin.

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