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Senate leaders likely to seek quick dismissal of Mayorkas impeachment case (

For the third time in five years, senators will be sworn in as jurors for an impeachment trial. But the chamber is expected to spend far less time on the impending trial of Homeland Security Secretary than for former President Donald Trump’s two trials.

Alabama justice who ruled embryos are people says American law should be rooted in the Bible (

Tom Parker, chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, expressed his support for the Seven Mountains Mandate, a once-fringe philosophy that calls on evangelical Christians to reshape American law and society based on their beliefs.

Judge says Texas school district can punish Black student for his hairstyle (

By Pooja Salhotra, The Texas Tribune Feb. 22, 2024 Sign up for The Brief, The Texas Tribune’s daily newsletter that keeps readers up to speed on the most essential Texas news. A Texas judge on Thursday said the Barbers Hill Independent School District...

Maine to become 27th state to ban paramilitary training under bill passed by House (

Maine would become the 27th state to ban paramilitary training, under a bill the House narrowly passed Wednesday. The proposal, designed to block groups hoping to create civil unrest, passed 66-60. It was sponsored by Democratic Rep. Laurie Osher of Orono. The measure comes in the wake of a rise in public demonstrations by white...

Joe Biden Secures A Sudden & Large Lead Among Voters 65 Years Old & Up (

New polling data from Quinnipiac University reveals a large lead at the national level for President Joe Biden among registered voters 65 years of age and up in an expected rematch with Donald Trump. Exit polling conducted around the 2020 presidential election by Edison Research found Trump leading in that age bracket by five...

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