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Reviewer at Hugo-winning, Ignyte-winning blog Nerds of a Feather.
Longlisted for the 2022 and 2023 Best Fan Writer Hugos.
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Dozens dead, more than 100 injured after attack at Moscow music venue, Russian media reports (

Dozens of people are dead and more than 100 are injured after a mass shooting and fire Friday at a Moscow concert hall, Russian media reports. Beth Knobel, a professor at Fordham University and the former Moscow bureau chief for CBS News, discusses what we know about the attack.

Researchers harness 2D magnetic materials for energy-efficient computing (

MIT researchers used ultrathin van der Waals materials to create an electron magnet that can be switched at room temperature. This type of magnet could be used to build magnetic processors or memories that would consume far less energy than silicon devices.

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