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hello why are you here

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profoundly obnoxious username you say?

TIL about the Puss Caterpillar, it may look harmless with its soft and furry appearance, but it conceals venomous spines that can cause excruciating pain upon contact that even morphine struggles to quell. (

"The inch-long larva is generously coated in long, luxuriant hair-like setae, making it resemble a tiny Persian cat, the characteristic that presumably gave it the name "puss". It is variable in color, from downy grayish white to golden brown to dark charcoal gray. It often has a streak of bright orange running longitudinally....

clitoris, (edited )
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i am starting to post in these mags, just made a post in @coolguides. we need to be the change we want to see and start generating content

edit: i have posted numerous times in several mags now. imagine if everyone reading this post submitted at least one?

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yikes, that mod is sitting on a lot of big name mags. probably ran to snatch the name up

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i hear a lot about this one, to this day i refuse to watch it. i cant stand audio in tragic videos. i dont recommend anyone watch it. if you feel to curious, read about the contents instead and save yourself the trauma

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