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Wonder what the people who are downvoting this are thinking. Is it not murder, or is it only a restproduct of murder?

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I recommend checking out Fairphone. The phone is completely modular so when something breaks, you can buy a new part and replace it yourself.

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Accidental double comment amd 503 error when trying to delete..

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I ran 28 km with bad form in a backyard ultra last spring and hurt my knee. I could not run over 5 km without pain for a few months after this, and decided to try running completely barefoot after having met another barefoot runner. This guy was quite inspiring, and told me he runs completely barefoot until the temperature goes below -10 Celsius, then he puts on some flip flops.

So I started experimenting with running completely barefoot in the fall last year, but did not get too many runs before winter came (I live in northern Europe). During the winter I ran a few times with wool socks (works great if there is snow). This spring I bought a pair of Merrell barefoot shoes for running and daily use. Now I mix it up and run maybe 50 % of my runs with barefoot shoes and 50 % completely barefoot.
I cannot see myself going back to wearing normal shoes, they are just so uncomfortable.

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