Fun fact : the hub is a fake usb 3.0 in originally (it has 3x usb 2 + 1x fake usb 3 + 1x type c.) the hub used a usb 2 hub chip from china Also std* and GND_DARIN pin was not conect to the hub chip . it connected to the usb 3 port directly. (Right it is used for connect to the kbd.)

Also the typec cable with otg cable that support charging.have fake usb 3 . it only has 4pin inside

Anyway fake usb 3 isnt a issue bc this phone only support usb 2

exxxxkc, to unixsocks

old memes

ajroach42, to random
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Hey! Anyone here have a Pinenote? is there a linux build for the that is worth using?

I want to be able to use the thing as an eink cyberdeck, running some terminal programs, a web browser, text editor, etc.

I basically just need functional wifi.

Is it time yet?


is there a linux build for the that is worth using?

yes pm os


Hope this can give u some idea on cyber deck


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