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why should I care about the people in this community!! if they don't appreciate & respect me!!!

the supervision, guidance and assistance that I provide is useless.

even though my work has been done a lot in raising awareness and saving the fate of millions of human lives. but what treatment do I get from you guys.

this is the no.1 trending information & news, which I am sharing with you guys right now.

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if the leaders of the kbin,lemmy and all fediverse community here can't find bastard accounts, who deliberately downvoted posts (which contain truthful content) from user accounts, while you don't even mark them all and ban their accounts permanently. then I will quickly get out of this community. and one more if the people who have been blocked by the author of the post, but they can still read and downvote the account that has blocked them. then it means that the system in the application in your community is disabled, damaged and useless!!!

maskugatiger, to Maskugatiger_kbin_phlog
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maskugatiger, (edited ) to Maskugatiger_kbin_phlog
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I tell u.. before u fight tyranny, that first u must found idiots people in any kbin social an fediverse, which like down vote post which right!!!!! And u must found that ,ang sign him and banned from di social microblog!!!

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