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Scientist. Lacemaker.

Opinion | My husband has farmed for 4 decades. Climate change might end his run. (

...But as we come to the end of the wettest July on record, “make hay while the sun shines” has been shifting from self-evident axiom to rueful irony. Yes, you have to make hay while you can. But also you need sunshine to make hay....

Waltham biotech company settles with family of Henrietta Lacks over "immortal" cells harvested without consent (

Doctors harvested Henrietta Lacks’ cells in 1951, long before the advent of consent procedures used in medicine and scientific research today, but lawyers for her family argued that a Waltham-based biotechnology company has continued to commercialize the results well after the origins of the cell line became known.

Modifying shelf-life of melons via gene editing (

The gaseous plant hormone ethylene has been long known to promote fruit ripening and plays a certain role in shelf-life. In a study published in Frontiers in Genome Editing, researchers performed gene editing using the Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR)/Cas9 system via modification of the...

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I logged in to 311 to ask a question about the new charger at the Healey school, and there was messaging about EVs. Now: is this posted to the EV charger apps? Nope. So you could get there and not know there's a problem.

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What I found out on the Healey charger: you need a city parking permit or a school permit. Very interesting to see if that gets enforced.

Also, it means you need to have a city parking sticker. I do have one, but it could easily be that I didn't have one since I have a driveway and don't need street parking typically.

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Verizon 5G, $35/month for the 300 mbps / 20 up plan (my needs are not huge, this does the TV streaming and the zoom meetings just fine).

Somerville MA. Was previously paying 3x that for crappy Astound service at half the speed.

Lawrence O'Donnell Trashes "Walking Tragedy" RFK Jr.: He "Knows Nothing About Censorship," Is Using His "Kennedy Privilege" (

MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell trashed Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on the Thursday broadcast of his MSNBC show as "not very well educated," attacked him for his drug addiction, and said he is someone who uses his "Kennedy privilege" to be "as much of a public liar" as former President Donald Trump.

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My EV came with a compressor in the trunk. Last time I needed to fill the tires it worked fine.

I didn't even realize this until one day on the Nissan Leaf discussion boards, which led to a hilarious discussion of a whole bunch of us who had no idea we were carrying our own solution to this....

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There's a company near me that is piloting a mobile charging service.

When the charges on our thru-way all failed over Memorial Day weekend, they provided the emergency service. I heard they were also in talks with AAA to be something that a tow truck could carry, or some emergency service vehicle.

Solutions exist. Just not yet at scale.

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Heh. You are welcome. This is how I found out too--a random discussion.

RFK Jr. appears before Congress as his comments spreading misinformation draw scrutiny (

All eyes are on the Republican primary this election cycle, but one Democratic underdog has been getting attention for his controversial comments spreading misinformation on a range of subjects. Lisa Desjardins reports on how Robert F. Kennedy Jr. captured the attention of some voters and Geoff Bennett discusses Kennedy's...

Bioengineered yeast feed on agricultural waste (

Yeast has been used for thousands of years in the production of beer and wine and for adding fluff and flavor to bread. They are nature's tiny factories that can feed on sugars found in fruit and grains and other nutrients—and from that menu produce alcohol for beverages, and carbon dioxide to make bread rise.

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