skellener, to startrek in Patrick Stewart Reveals New Star Trek Movie Script Featuring Jean-Luc Picard Is In The Works
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skellener, to entertainment in Amazon Prime Video to include ads starting Jan 29
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Will be cancelling.

skellener, to mtb in What is the square bracket just under the pivot next to the rear shock for??
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Front derailleur mount.

skellener, to apple_enthusiast in Apple Ramps Up Vision Pro Production, Aiming for Launch by February
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They sell tens of them!

skellener, to startrek in Quentin Tarantino's 'Star Trek' Movie Would Have Been a "Balls-Out Hard R" Movie
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I’d still love to see him make it!

skellener, to environment in A Demographic Time Bomb Is About to Hit the Beef Industry
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Good. Stop eating animals!

skellener, to apple_enthusiast in Apple begins scheduling Vision Pro training for retail employees as launch nears - 9to5Mac
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$3500. to see a floating spreadsheet. 🤦‍♂️

skellener, to usnews in One in five young Americans think the Holocaust is a myth
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skellener, to worldnews in US Commerce Secretary Calls China the 'Biggest Threat We've Ever Had'
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No, that would be the orange criminal trying to swindle power.

skellener, to news in Trump should not face trial in Georgia if he wins 2024 election, lawyer says
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LOL! Not only is he going to trial in Georgia, he’s going to be convicted and sentenced without chance of pardon by another POTUS. He’s going to rot there until he dies.

skellener, to news in Donald Trump wants Jan. 6 police to be charged for fighting rioters
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skellener, to tech in Elon Musk Is Crafting A Narrative For The Death Of Twitter
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Since the second he realized his big mouth cost him $44 billion

skellener, to brainworms in Ajit Pai Elected To Public Television Board Of Trustees
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skellener, to news in Ajit Pai Elected To Public Television Board Of Trustees
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A Shit Pie is still around? 🤦‍♂️

skellener, to socialism in Gavin Newsom is Not a Progressive
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Correct. He is not.

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