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iirc youtube is right now a net loss for google, hence them constantly trying to stuff it with ads, youtube premium, etc.

OC Reliable Invidious/Piped instances?

I've been using Invidious for a long time now, but with the recent crackdown on it by Google I've noticed that a lot of instances don't work anymore, or are less reliable than before (stops in the middle of a video, freezes, etc). Does anyone know of a list of Invidious/Piped instances that work well so I don't have to cycle...

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was new york really this bad in the 1970s? or is this just exaggeration/fearmongering?

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I've broken an embarrasingly large amount of Linux installs through mucking around with nvidia drivers.

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I believe kevin and kell is the longest running webcomic ever, actually!

socks avatar is a fun slice of life comic.

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I thought that the exhaust pipes in cars moved the cars forward, not the engine.

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