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Retro tech enthusiast, occasional artist, and fan of retro stuff

starstorm_x1, to ADHD
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As my workplace has a busy week all this week, I fear the inevitable flood of ableism my co-workers are gonna put me through. Too often they've scolded me for my ADHD symptoms like being out of my desk to walk around, staring off into space, not focusing, or fidgeting with stuff. And their responses have been terrible; they've ranged from stuff like barring my exit, telling me to "focus", threatening to cut my pay or fire me, etc. And since I have autism, I end up being so overwhelmed that I go into a crying fit or meltdown, and they always threaten to remove me because I'm "being disruptive". Perhaps I should quit at the rate things are going. Having to suffer through so much ableist stuff is getting to me at this rate...

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Sometimes, you just need to Kobayashi Maru the situation when you feel like you're faced with a "no-win" scenario like this

starstorm_x1, to Autism
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(Sighs...) I got sent home early from work today because of my autistic outbursts I was having during a meltdown. And given how poorly they treated me, I think they fired me...

If there's any AV programming jobs here in the US, please send me any tips. Preferably one in an autism-friendly environment. I feel like my (probably now old) workplace treated me poorly because of my autism...

What are some games you wouldn't play without mods?

The game that stands out to me is Fallout 4. The new dialogue system only hinted at what the protagonist was going to say with vague choices like “sarcastic” and that led me to reload saves frequently to either check out other options or because the protagonist came off as way too intense an railroaded me down a conversation...

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Assetto Corsa. If you ever get that game, it's nearly essential to get the Content Manager and Custom Shaders Pack! (Also helps that there's just so much additional stuff from the mods it almost makes the vanilla game feel smaller in comparison)

starstorm_x1, to Autism
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After a rather rough day that's part of a LONG and rough month, I feel like I should reflect on my life leading up to this point...

I was first diagnosed with autism and ADHD at a rather young age. Even though I didn't understand at the time, it did affect my life quite a bit. I was never really quite social, I was too afraid to open up to interests, and I seemed prone to having meltdowns a lot. I was able to get through school fine regardless, and I managed to find a job rather quickly.

Unfortunately, my work life seems at odds with my conditions. It's been especially hard with my supervisor, admittedly. Sometimes, I interpret what they're saying wrong and I get chewed out for it. I often get told to "use your words" whenever I'm trying to process their questions. Whenever I find myself in a meltdown, I'm told to abruptly stop or they'll punish me, and they always call me "disruptive" or "disturbing other people". I often get forced into trying to be productive all the time, even if my brain doesn't want to be productive. It gets even worse when we're working outside the office, as they tend to set higher expectations. And to make matters worse, I'm the only one in a certain key position, so my work load is pretty high, especially over this month. Whenever I make a mistake or forget to do something vital, I get told "you've done this hundreds of times!" or "you should know this by now!" And I'm no longer allowed to apologize because I've apologized so much I they think they mean nothing even though I'm trying to work as hard as I can despite my autism and ADHD making it hard! It also does NOT help that I've been told "I'm not here to babysit you" so many times it gets tiring. (Oh, and earlier this week, some of my co-workers are mocking my sounds of disappointment) And I feel like I have no support network in the real world; only online, which makes it worse since that and my hobbies are the only things keeping me afloat.

As I grew tired of this, I've looked more into how these conditions affect me, and it explained so much of my life. I also realize that besides my autism and ADHD, I might have executive dysfunction, rejection sensitivity, and demand avoidance/drive for autonomy. As I learned more about my flaws, I'm trying to figure out ways around them. Unfortunately, some of my emotional triggers are unavoidable at my job, so maybe it's time I try to find a more accommodating job. I haven't left yet since I still have to pay the rent, though. I'm hoping that whatever new job I find, the people there will be much more accommodating and understanding towards my conditions instead of dismissive.

#autism #adhd #auadhd #actuallyautistic

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As much as I hate Twitter, this is just ridiculous. Pretty much ALL the big social-media sites I've seen now require accounts. This is only gonna create walled gardens...

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My one frustration with Vivaldi is that it's based on Chromium. Yes, it also has an adblocker, but I feel uBlock Origin is more effective! If there's anything like Vivaldi, but with the Gecko engine, I would like to try it

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Internet username/alias: Starstorm_X1 and CyberCat2000
Interests/hobbies: Retrocomputing, old tech collecting, drawing, animation
What interests you about retro/vintage OSes? There's something about watching the evolution of UI design as time goes on and computers become more advanced, not to mention the surprises of encountering an obscure OS!
What was the first OS you used as a kid? Probably either DOS + Windows 3.11, but I really got into computing around Windows 95!
What is your current OS you use? Mix of Windows 11 and Garuda Linux (with KDE Plasma) on my main computer, Windows 10 at work

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r/retrobattlestations, r/vintagecomputing, and r/vintageapple. As a retro tech enthusiast, it was fun seeing all the cool setups in action! Also, r/nostalgia, admittedly...

starstorm_x1, to random
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Hello, kbin and Lemmy! I never really had an account in Reddit, only read certain subreddits (namely r/retrobattlestations, r/vintagecomputing, r/nostalgia, and other retro subreddits), but with that going down, I'm trying to figure out if there's anything similar on those networks. I want to help build up genuine alternatives to "big" sites due to all that's going on with the latter...

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I was actually curious to see if there's any retro computing places in this like retrobattlestations, vintagecomputing, or vintageapple? Similarly, r/nostalgia

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