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Hi, I'm Reuben, the Ringmaster of Mobile Atom Media and Code ( Symfony Station ( is my latest venture. I moderate the Symfony magazine here ( and created the Symfony Universe Collection. (

A graduate of the Univ. of Georgia and an MA graduate of Georgia State, I live in Orlando. My full-stack developer certification is from the Univ. of Central Florida.

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Quick poll for folks: do you have any free-tagging term reference fields on a modern Drupal (8/9/10) site you own/manage/built?

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@ultimike Not yet. Mine are simple blogs.

2023 State of Web Components. (

Much has happened in the world of Web Components since v1 reached full support in 2020. And even more, is planned for the future. Let’s take a look at a few notable examples of what has been built with the current standards, as well as survey some of the work going into new Web Component standards in 2023 and beyond.

Dependency injection anti-patterns in Drupal (

Whenever I have done an audit for a Drupal codebase, one of the first things I manually review and profile is dependency injection anti-patterns in custom code and any contributed modules used. The anti-pattern isn't for accessing services statically through \Drupal: service. These anti-patterns live within the class's...

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" sites now have an easier way to integrate with the Fediverse, including Mastodon. Automattic, the company behind, Tumblr and other web publishing tools, is the new owner of the ActivityPub for WordPress plugin and has also recruited its developer to come work for the company, according to Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg."

, 2023

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