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father, geek, tinkerer, senior software engineer with 23 years experience, passionate about webassembly

zobier, to webassembly
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bare-bones mash-up of the iced (ui lib) and wasmer (wasm runtime) hello worlds https://github.com/zobier/waui/blob/main/src/main.rs

michelin, to webassembly
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With compililng to I now have no excuse to not write code and foist it on unsuspecting browsers ;)

Thanks @cwebber for starting off the talk


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@michelin is there a recording of this talk up anywhere?

gws, to webassembly
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Note to self: Disassembling a 1.4GB module inside devtools is a bad idea. It can do it - it just can't display the result:


Welp. Time to hack devtools to discard the first gigabyte of text I guess...

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@gws :thinking: it doesn't need to disassemble the whole thing just the symbol table and the page of code you're currently looking at, could be an interesting perf improvement to experiment with

bryan, to webassembly
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Handwriting for the fun of it.

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@bryan half baked port of crafting interpreters vm to hand rolled https://github.com/zobier/walox/tree/main

swetland, to webassembly
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Am I the only one who finds that the WASM spec takes a lot of effort to understand?

I've been able to find answers to my questions, but it has taken a lot more time and effort than I'd expect for something that feels like a straightforward and sensible design. The presentation feels needlessly convoluted.

I'd love a quick reference "green card" that lays out the bytecode and file format in the style of traditional CPU docs.

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it's not exactly what you're asking for but i find https://pengowray.github.io/wasm-ops/ to be a useful resource

The State of WebAssembly 2023 (blog.scottlogic.com)

This blog posts shares the results of the third annual State of WebAssembly survey, where we found that Rust and JavaScript usage continues to increase, but there is a growing desire for Zig and Kotlin. The use of wasm as a plugin environment continues to climb, with developers hoping it will deliver of the “write once and run...

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Hmm, it seemed to work with the tag on this post but not ones I added to my own magazine :confused:

smallcircles, to UI
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: Designing modern with and

Prepare to get nerd-sniped by this impressive presentation by @rikarends at conference


Or directly check out the (old version of their) IDE, here running in the browser..



Only feedback after watching the vid: Please, don't let AI handle .. maybe take inspiration from Ian 'Hixie' Hickson (Google Doc 😬 link at the bottom): https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=34612696

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Please, don't let AI handle

totally agree

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