My backup solution is rsync and so I really like docker-compose since it usually means there is zero config for restoration of backups on a new computer besides installing docker-compose (which is usually one line on the terminal).

zzz, to HK

Ask a question!

zzz, to fire

Why can't I see the daily posts on kbin? The latest post is Fire transitioning advice, for me


Be careful with this one. Remember it was the Ark B that left A behind to die from unsanitized phones.


Unfortunately some communities don't seem to exist without the froth. The FIRE community seems difficult to recreate here, or local subs. But do you all remember when r/Bitcoin was mostly programmers?


Okay I'll bite. Some people support Ukraine but don't support more weapons spending. In the early days of reddit, a lot of the power users were libertarian leaning programmers, and Lemmy has naturally attracted that cohort. You can see subs like Privacy and Piracy moving here, and there is a staunch anti government position that comes with anti centralization. I don't think these people should be called sad, as some are very well reasoned and thoughtful about their anti government position. What's more, if you don't live in the United States, it's very easy to call out the hypocrisy of US government warmongering e.g. in the middle east.

FIRE Transitioning Advice

I recently FIREd, and am enjoying every minute of it. I thank this (migrated?) community for their stories, struggles, successes, and wisdom. Adaptation to a life of FIRE has been pretty easy, except for one thing. Prior to FIREing, I kept a close eye on my portfolio, the markets, and everything financial. As you know, if...


I can't see later posts for this magazine on kbin?

What FOSS browsers, do you use on a daily basis on both your mobile and computer for privacy and security, and what measures have you taken to further harden your browser (if any).

Me, I have a low threat model so I mainly try to stay away from proprietary stuff when possible (Chrome, Edge ect) I use an eclectic mix of browsers....


Kiwi browser on Android which supports chrome plugins

zzz, to RedditMigration

I used to browse r/all in RIF after blocking hundreds of subs that I'm not interested in. Is there any way to do something similar here?

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