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The State Department Outlines an Ambitious Enterprise AI Strategy — Ultra Unlimited (

This in-depth article analyzes the State Department's new Enterprise AI Strategy, including how it aims to leverage AI to advance diplomacy and national security. It summarizes the strategy's key goals, highlights, workforce skills needed, and more.

The 2023 Bletchley Declaration: A Major Leap in AI Safety and Ethics — Ultra Unlimited (

The 2023 Bletchley Declaration represents a historic milestone in global cooperation on artificial intelligence safety and ethics. This white paper analyzes key details of the accord, expert reactions, frontier AI capabilities and risks, safety innovations, policy implications, and future governance

Digital Defense: A Look into How Africa's Governments are Shielded from Cyber Attacks (

Explore the rise of cyber threats in Africa, the importance of cybersecurity for government institutions, successful cybersecurity implementations, and the challenges and future of cybersecurity in the region. Learn how African governments are protecting themselves from digital threats

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