Next Saturday nights, Miami Dolphins vs Kansas City Chiefs game will only be broadcast streaming on Peacock Network. You can get 3 free months of Peacock if you have an American Express card through the "offers" on the Amex app

If you already have an AmEx card, there's an offer on the app to have $5.99(cost of Peacock Premium) credited back to your card for 3 months . You have to select the offer before you sign up for peacock.

NFL broadcasters need to stop with the game tickers and the game updates

I generally watch football on a delay. Even if I'm not, I'm recording one or two other games to watch later. The score ticker at the bottom of the screen is nothing but spoilers, and then the in-game updates about other games completely ruins them. It's fucking 2023, can they not adjust to how people are watching these games...

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