Ricardo Arroyo and Kendra Lara both lose Boston City Council preliminary election battles - The Boston Globe (

In a pair of stunning rebukes, Boston voters on Tuesday rejected two embattled incumbent city councilors, a historic vote that illustrates discontent with the dysfunctional legislative body and sinks two once-promising political careers.

State tweaks MBTA Communities housing law - CommonWealth Magazine (

STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE THE STATE ON Thursday gave more flexibility to cities and towns required to have at least one zone in which denser, multi-family housing is permitted, but also expanded the list of state grant opportunities that can be denied to any town that does not comply with the law meant to spur(...)

Family of accused attempted murderer to try to keep his North End restaurant open by transferring ownership to his brothers (

To nobody's great surprise, Patrick Mendoza did not appear at a Boston Licensing Board hearing today on his fitness to own and run a liquor-serving license at Monica's Trattoria on Prince Street now that he's been charged with trying to murder somebody on Hanover Street.

T Declares Victory Over Notorious 'Tufts Curve' Slow Zone On the Orange Line - Streetsblog Massachusetts (

The MBTA says that it’s finally fixed a section of worn-out subway tracks near downtown Boston that has been slowing down Orange Line trains since 2019. In the spring of 2022, inspectors from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) cited poor track conditions on the “Tufts curve,” located at the southern end of the tunnel...

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