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Florida six-week abortion ban will soon become law, but voters will consider a constitutional amendment this fall | CNN Politics (

The Florida Supreme Court on Monday paved the way for the state’s six-week abortion ban to take effect, while allowing Floridians to decide in the fall whether to enshrine abortion protections in the state’s constitution.

A boomer couple left coastal Florida after 3 decades for rural Missouri because the Sunshine State 'is definitely not paradise anymore' (

Sherry Meaders and James Michael Dunne, a retired couple, moved from Florida to rural Missouri. They said they moved because of rising insurance costs, population influx, and political changes. Some former Florida residents are choosing small-town life for …

The Gen Z Dems Renaissance is changing the game in Florida. It's been a long time coming. (

I’ve been working in Florida Politics in some capacity for about five years. My route was non-traditional, but now i’m 22, and I’ve worked as a vendor for over fifty campaigns, and been senior leadership on 15, ten of which have been victorious…

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