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Going Dark: The war on encryption is on the rise. Through a shady collaboration between the US and the EU. (

Under the slogan ‘Think of the children’, the European Commission tried to introduce total surveillance of all EU citizens. When the scandal was revealed, it turned out that American tech companies and security services had been involved in the bill, generally known as ‘Chat Control’ – and that the whole thing had been...

Facebook and Instagram parent Meta approved political ads in India that incited violence (

- Adverts containing AI-manipulated images were submitted to Facebook by civil and corporate accountability groups***- Adverts contained known slurs towards Muslims in India, such as “let’s burn this vermin” and “Hindu blood is spilling, these invaders must be burned”***- One advert called for the execution of an...

Does a VPN used on a smartphone with Wi-Fi disabled (mobile data only enabled) provide any sort of protection?

I’ve never completely understood this, but I think the answer would probably be “no,” although I’m not sure. Usually when I leave the house I turn off wifi and just use mobile data (this is a habit from my pre-VPN days), although I guess I should probably just keep it on since using strange Wi-Fi with a VPN is ok (unless...

Several European consumer watchdogs file complaints against Chinese online platform Temu over "manipulative techniques" breaching EU’s Digital Services Act (

According to the European consumer protection group BEUC, the Chinese online retailer Temu “fails to provide sufficient traceability of the traders that sell on its platform” and thereby fail “to ensure that the products sold to EU consumers conform to EU law”, BEUC said in a release....

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