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[Self Promo] NPC - A Silly Community to Share All Things Related to NPCs.

Yes, you read that right, a community for NPCs because aren’t we all a bit of an NPC? Think of this community as a place where we can all find joy in the fact that being an NPC isn’t all that bad, untill a player shoots a fucking arrow in your knee (That’s still a funny joke, right?)...

[Self Promo] Watch Party - A Community for Lemmy to Watch and Discuss Movies Together!

I came up with the idea for this community in the shower. What if I want to watch a movie with people from all over the world, and talk about it in a live thread? Live threads for sporting events and TV shows are pretty common, but I don’t think I’ve seen it applied to movies before. The concepts are simple:...

[Request] Canadian Entertainment

Hello from your southern neighbor. I am a huge fan of Kids In the Hall, Corner Gas, Strange Brew, etc… While these are older shows and movies I still have a great appreciation for Canadian humor in all entertainment mediums. I am surprised I haven’t come across a community for discussing Canadian entertainment or something...

[Self Promo] ! - A community for the misc. cool pages you find across the net, that will eventually be accompanied with a small web UI to, well, “randomize” them (

I’m not sure on what the self promotion rules are for this community. If this isn’t allowed then feel free to downvote I guess :/

! - Infrared Photography Community (

Infrared photography uses modified cameras, filters, and/or specialized film to capture near infrared light that is outside the visible range. Originally used for scientific, agriculture, and notably for military surveillance, but later was deployed for artistic effect due to its distinctive rendering of foliage and skies....

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