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Avowed has moved to Unreal Engine 5.3 - Jez Corden - XboxEra (

Jez Corden of Windows Central has reported that Avowed has moved to Unreal Engine 5.3 with help from The Coalition and Xbox Tech. Avowed has moved to Unreal Engine 5 Jez Corden of Window’s Central, and a good friend of the site, has tweeted out today that Avowed has moved its engine to the latest …

Why 'The Alters' is now my most anticipated upcoming Xbox / PC Game Pass game (

In The Alters, you play as Jan Dolski in a race against sunlight itself. Crash-landed on a remote and hostile planet, Jan’s entire crew didn’t survive the fall. All you have is giant moving planetary habitat, and a daybreak that will fry you and your habitat in cosmic radiation. In this game of life and death, time...

Xbox Game Pass Is Getting A Highly-Anticipated Horror Game On June 18 (Still Wakes The Deep) (

Xbox Game Pass subscribers looking to change it up in June are in luck because a horror game with an especially unique setting is set to arrive on the service in the middle of the month. There may already be plenty of terrifying games available on Game Pass, including modern hits like Amnesia: The Bunker and Bramble: The...

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