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'God's Influencer' Ready to Become First Millennial Saint in Catholic Church (

Carlo Acutis, a 15-year-old programmer who died of leukemia in 2006, is set to be the first millennial saint, according to a new report from the Catholic News Agency Thursday. Acutis created websites documenting purported miracles and has been dubbed “God’s influencer” since his death....

Colonel Karl Nell - The Real Black Swan Event: The Controlled Disclosure of UAP & Non-Human Intelligence (

I updated the video’s link to SALT’s official video. I wasn’t expecting them to get the video up so fast, since their other videos seemed to take a while to be uploaded after events. Out of all of the NYC event’s discussions, this has been the first and only interview to get uploaded.

The Beast of Cumbria - Big cat DNA confirmed on sheep carcass (

Locals have long speculated as to whether the so-called ‘Beast of Cumbria’ is just one or several big cats that slink in the shadows of the countryside. Investigators have now obtained a vital piece of evidence to support the presence of at least one recently active in the county....

Dozens of stars show signs of hosting advanced alien civilisations (

Two surveys of millions of stars in our galaxy have revealed mysterious spikes in infrared heat coming from dozens of them. Astronomers say this could be evidence for alien civilisations harnessing energy from their stars by using a vast construction known as a Dyson sphere – although they can’t fully rule out more mundane...

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