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Hmm, I would like to see a double blind scientific study in "ear pulling" being connected to kidney health. (ps, completely different book here)

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Study: "Ear length and kidney function decline after kidney donation "

"Our findings support the notion of Traditional Chinese Medicine that ear morphology may be associated with kidney health and suggest that ear length might be a useful predictor of kidney function decline after kidney donation. "


BakerRL75, avatar

@ai6yr What rabbit hole did you go down?

ai6yr, avatar

@BakerRL75 LOL I'm trying to figure out who gave me this "qigong" book. Undoubtedly made it here due to one of the relatives.

HayiWena, avatar

@ai6yr sent this to my friend who just donated a kidney for some light-hearted relief.

ai6yr, avatar

@HayiWena LOL need to enroll them in a data collection study, to measure the length of their ears every morning... for SCIENCE!

vpermar, avatar

@ai6yr @John One thing to keep in mind: “Traditional” Chinese Medicine is in some cases a somewhat recent invention, not ancient wisdom.

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