A ‘conservation conundrum’ – when rat control to conserve one species threatens another (

The sad case of the Norfolk Island morepork shows we need a way to control or eradicate invasive rodents without killing native species. When pest rats and mice decimate populations of native species, pest control is a no-brainer. But what if baiting rats protects threatened songbirds, while poisoning critically endangered owls?...

How Indonesia Can Better Conserve Sumatra’s Peatland Forests (

The current approach isn’t working. The government needs to align its efforts with the economic needs of local communities. Over the past two decades, Sumatra’s peatland forests have undergone a significant decline, losing approximately 3 million hectares at an annual deforestation rate averaging 150 thousand hectares. This...

Global initiative to conserve 30% of the planet guided by Indigenous knowledge launches at COP28 (

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, December 1, 2023 – Countries across the world are being encouraged to join a ground-breaking new conservation initiative, which brings together governments, Indigenous peoples, and local communities, to help achieve the global goal of preserving 30% of the planet’s land and water by 2030.

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