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Shannon Phillips targeted climate and parks action. Then she got targeted. The NDPer is now leaving office

#climate #justice

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of the Ocean's overturning circulation, . Keynote by Prof. Rahmstorf

Scientists already told us before the EU polls that we really need to think clearly because the decisions made in this decade do influence how the next centuries turn out.

After seeing the election outcome in so many countries: I presume we choose poorly. 😔

That's a result of poor .

Screenshot from slide: The AMOC is weakening The AMOC has a tipping point It is still uncertain how close it is Recent studies: risk is larger than we thought! Precautionary principle should apply

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is the #1 threat to the world, so we need leaders to phase out FFs & mitigate CC. You wouldn't know there's a problem bc conservatives refuse to address it (owned by FF cos.).

"We need a arts attack

We're in deep, deep, sh*t

We need every actor & musician to be shouting out about climate breakdown at every opportunity

We need flash flooding on
BBC Eastenders

We need A&E overwhelmed by heatwave victims on
BBC Casualty

We need this NOW."
-Bill McGuire

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Plea for parties to have ambitious climate plans


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's July/August Issue on Climate Change: With Reporting From George Packer, Vann R. Newkirk II, Ross Andersen, and Katherine J. Wu

#climate #fall

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"A more rightward-leaning European Parliament will make it harder to pass ambitious #EU climate policies, but the majority of Europe's current world-leading green policies are likely to stay put, lawmakers, officials and analysts said.

That could have consequences for an upcoming 2040 EU climate target. The EU Commission has suggested the 2040 goal should be an ambitious 90% emissions cut, but it needs approval from both EU countries and the Parliament."

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EU climate policies could be slowed in future after rightward shift in election

Contrary to the last EU election in 2019, when millions of young #climate protesters took to Europe's streets, this year's campaign saw #ClimateChange usurped by issues including immigration, economic woes and struggling European industries."

The message is clear: speak out, on the streets, BEFORE elections.

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Climate Obstructionism Runs Deep in the UK -- Watch Out for It at the Election

#climate #uk

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Turn up the heat: Climate change activists are gearing up for a sizzling summer of dissent


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It's cloudy and dark and the temperature's low
Makes me sleepy, tired, sluggish and slow
But while i'd rather have sunshine than gray
It keeps the horrible heatwave away

(human poem)

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N.S. community planted 7 palm trees as an experiment. None of the trees survived

#climate #community

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This one remains fun: draw an iceberg, and see how it floats...

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Back in November 2023, I wrote about the looming backlash in environmental politics in the EU for Yale E360. Now the Union and its parties are entering the decisive phase of this struggle, both with the ongoing elections, which will result in a new parliament and commission, and with the imminent decision of the Council of member states about the #NatureRestorationLaw #EU #Euelection #Europe #climate

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"The second edition of The State of Carbon Dioxide Removal report has found that, in order to reach global #climate targets, governments must expand tree planting and the use of technologies to increase carbon dioxide removal (#CDR) by four times annually.

The researchers emphasized that carbon #emissions reductions will continue to be the main avenue to achieving net zero, but CDR will also be crucial."

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This is an amazing summary – if you can call a 3hr podcast episode that – of ‘our current predicament’ as a global society:

“Moving from naive to authentic progress: a vision for betterment”

> [in which we] unpack a new paper entitled Development in Progress, an analysis on the history of progress and the consequences of ‘advancement’.

Slightly more digestible by watching/reading this first:

#climate #degrowth #psychology

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Tipping risk of the Atlantic Ocean's overturning circulation, AMOC. Keynote by @rahmstorf

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- Crossbows and eerie silences – following whales for change clues

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Crossbows and eerie silences - following Antarctic whales for climate change clues

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