This is similar to an article I was reading about how Steam became so super successful compared to all of its competitors.

From memory: success was not about blowing away the competition with unique features, but providing gradual value while your competition shoots itself in the foot.

Over the past few years, not a single space game has escaped the expectation No Man’s Sky has set. Starfield’s loading screens was compared to No Man’s Sky gorgeous transition from space to planet surface.


So what you’re saying is, slow and steady wins the race? 🐢🏁


If they have the finances to do it!

Cyberpunk 2077 greatly improved.

And I’m honestly rooting for Starfield.

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They deserve it. It's come a long way since release.


They do, but also they lied a shit ton on release. They absolutely also deserve the beating that they got for it.


Luckily steam presents visitors with both the all time score as well as an average of recent reviews. Quite fair to do this, as it can cut both ways.


Also helps to notice when games are being reviewbombed like with the SBI stuff.




Sweet Baby Inc. A great big nothing situation where chuds wanted someone to blame for video games having black people or women or god forbid, black women.

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