Science Fiction

Dune proved that fans are as excited about sci-fi adaptations as ever before, but several iconic books still haven't reached the silver screen. (

Film sci-fi is often original, with stories that were made specifically for the screen, but there have also been many, many sci-fi adaptations. Many classic novels have been made into sci-fi movies, even previously thought unfilmable ones like Dune, but there are still many great sci-fi novels out there that have never made the...

In the age of QAnon and adrenochrome, Moonwalkers has never felt more relevant. (

Now streaming on Peacock for the very first time, the psychedelic satire helmed by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet tackles the famous conspiracy theory that director Stanley Kubrick helped the U.S. government fake the Apollo 11 Moon landing by using the cinematic trickery he employed on 2001: A Space Odyssey a year earlier....

What is 'Fallout?' Physicist breaks down the science of the sci-fi show and the horrifying reality of nuclear radiation (

The world ends on Oct. 23, 2077, in a series of radioactive explosions—at least in the world of "Fallout," a post-apocalyptic video game series that has now been adapted into a blockbuster TV show on Amazon's Prime Video.

Denis Villeneuve is doing Dune 3 (

They’re dune it. Variety reports that following the massive box office success of Dune: Part Two, Legendary has tapped Denis Villeneuve for a third installment that would presumably continue the story of how Paul Atreides goes on to conquer the galaxy. Earlier this year, Villeneuve told Empire that he had already “put words...

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