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Some might be curious about the rules of /m/scifi so I have them posted here for reference:

Rule 1: Respectful and Inclusive Discussions
In the federated internet community about science fiction, it is crucial to foster an environment that values respectful and inclusive discussions. Members should treat each other with respect, regardless of their backgrounds, beliefs, or opinions. Discrimination, harassment, or any form of hate speech should not be tolerated. Encourage open-mindedness and a welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable expressing their ideas and engaging in constructive debates.

Rule 2: Evidence-Based Arguments
As a community centered around science fiction, it is important to base discussions and arguments on evidence and logical reasoning. Encourage members to support their viewpoints with references to relevant literature, movies, or other credible sources. Promote critical thinking and discourage baseless claims or unfounded speculation. By fostering evidence-based discussions, the community can maintain its credibility and contribute to a more informed understanding of science fiction.

Rule 3: Mutual Learning and Collaboration
The federated internet community should serve as a platform for mutual learning and collaboration among its members. Encourage individuals to share their knowledge, insights, and experiences related to science fiction. Foster a culture of curiosity and intellectual growth, where members can engage in constructive dialogues and learn from each other. By embracing diverse perspectives and promoting collaboration, the community can become a vibrant hub for science fiction enthusiasts to expand their understanding of the genre.

Rule 4: No Spoilers without Proper Warnings
Respecting the enjoyment of others is essential in any community centered around science fiction. Avoid sharing spoilers without proper warnings and considerate labeling. Recognize that people may be at different stages of experiencing various science fiction works and may not appreciate having key plot points or surprises revealed prematurely. By being mindful of spoilers, members can maintain an environment that allows everyone to fully engage with and appreciate the narratives within science fiction works.

Rule 5: Self-promo is a privilege, not a right
The ratio of content to self-promotion in a community can vary depending on the specific context and the community's goals. However, it is generally recommended to prioritize content over self-promotion to maintain a healthy and engaging community environment. Here are some guidelines to consider:

Content First: Emphasize the importance of valuable and relevant content that adds value to the community.

Limit Self-Promotion: While self-promotion can have its place within a community, it should not dominate the content. Encourage members to engage with the community through meaningful discussions and contributions rather than solely promoting their own work or products.
Promote Community Engagement: Actively encourage community members to participate in discussions, share their perspectives, and contribute to the community's growth. Engaging content fosters a sense of community ownership and encourages members to interact with each other.

Clear Self-Promotion Guidelines: Establish clear guidelines regarding self-promotion to avoid ambiguity and ensure transparency.

Edit - 09/19/2023 Update - The John Shirley Rule - Authors with long-standing industry pedigree (John Shirley, et al) are allowed flexibility on Rule #5. Flexibility is granted on a case-by-case basis.

Remember, the ultimate goal of a community is to facilitate meaningful interactions, shared learning, and the exchange of valuable content. By prioritizing content over self-promotion, the community can maintain its focus, encourage active participation, and create a more vibrant and engaging space for its members.

Rule 6: No NSFW content - we cater to SF fans of all ages.

Maintaining a Safe and Inclusive Environment: The scifi community's decision to prohibit NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content is primarily aimed at creating a safe and inclusive space for all members. By disallowing explicit or adult-oriented content, the community ensures that people of all ages and backgrounds can participate without feeling uncomfortable, offended, or excluded.

Focusing on Intellectual Exploration: The scifi community often emphasizes intellectual discussions, creative exploration, and thought-provoking content related to science fiction.
Preserving Professional and Academic Relevance: Many members of the scifi community include professionals, academics, and industry experts who contribute their knowledge and expertise to discussions and projects.

For next 30 days, feel free to add your comments/feedback on these rules and then we'll call them 'done' for the next 12 months. Thanks. :)

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@inkican What about sci-fi related games (boardgames, rpgs, video games)?


@chgowiz I don't understand what you mean - what about them?

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@inkican Just asking if those are on-topic for the scifi magazine, or if you'd prefer them elsewhere?


@chgowiz I don't see why they wouldn't be. :)

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