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Greetings Blue Bird aficionados. We seem to be without our good friend and moderator, @imasnyper, this season. I’m thinking I might ask the admins if they’ll add me as moderator to this community, as I’d like to update it and have it look more active. It might take me a while to figure out how Snyper set up the...

Just the worst!! Nothing seems to be going well for this team. (

We have our best pitcher,April AL Pitcher of the month, go against the Phillies. I was surprised to see them get tagged by a grand slam by the 4th inning… Looking later we only eek out one run against the opposing team… This game is done. I would be surprised if there’s anything left to savage here as the offense is not...

Blue Jays' Atkins can't say where he is or why he can't say, but it’s tied to Ohtani (

I’ve been trying to avoid making a post about this, partially because I can’t believe we’re actually serious, but also because I don’t want to jinx it. The Twitterverse and baseball writers are getting more and more serious about how serious the Jays are in pushing for Ohtani. Everyone was saying the Dodgers are the...

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