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Let's decide on some development priorities

Until now, development has proceeded pretty loosely - we work on whatever seems cool at the time. This is fine but if we collaborate on a decision about priorities then perhaps we'll all be pulling in the same direction a bit more often. If the decision is made in public with all stakeholders, perhaps we'll get some buy-in....

[freamon] Currently working on: Following Users

There's more than one way to do this, of course. For group-based forums like piefed, I think the most promising way is to automatically create a local community for each person that someone wants to follow. Incoming activity is then put into the appropriate community, and so you have a consistent UI of UserA has posted to...

Reputation? Content of newly added communities? Language setting? Topics? Creating a post in the wrong community?

Hello, i am just having a look around piefed. I was surprised to find out that my main account has a low rep. It wasn't easy to find another person with low rep, actually only was able to find one other after briefly looking for it. Now i am kind of offended, haha....

What are your opinions on Slashdot style nuanced voting system?

As a community grows in popularity, it often shifts from hosting insightful discussions to attracting memes, funny, and low-quality content. This change appeals to a larger audience interested in such content, creating a vicious cycle where valuable discussions are overshadowed and marginalized by the platform's primary...

Envisioning my Ideal Social Media Platform: Blending the Best of Reddit and Image Boards

I’m excited to see the new meme browsing interface feature in PieFed. I expected this to be yet another Reddit clone using a different software stack and without any innovation. I believe there’s an opportunity to take things a step further by blending the best elements of platforms like Reddit and image boards like...

Server boosts: a sustainability model for pyfedi?

Discord is a very popular chat application which has a business model that is partly based around the concept of Server Boosts. In this model, people "boost" (sponsor) the "servers" (chat rooms) they are part of. They do so by paying Discord the parent company, but it unlocks benefits for both the chat rooms they are a member of...

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