Environment Hot

“Picking losers:” Choosing nuclear over renewables and efficiency will make climate crisis worse (reneweconomy.com.au)

One of the world’s leading energy experts, and the man dubbed the “Einstein of energy efficiency” has debunked the claims that nuclear energy is essential to meet climate goals, saying that choosing nuclear over renewables and energy efficiency will make the climate crisis worse....

After a decade of chaos, Labor finally pivots Australia away from dig-and-ship petrostate to post carbon world (reneweconomy.com.au)

Finally, after a devastating decade of climate and energy transition chaos, inaction and underinvestment under the LNP luddites, we appear to have a government that appreciates Australia’s comparative advantages....

A global plastic treaty will only work if it caps production, modelling shows, researcher says (theconversation.com)

An international agreement to end plastic pollution is due to be sealed this year in Busan, South Korea. At the penultimate round of negotiations, held in Ottawa, Canada, Rwanda and Peru proposed a target to cut the weight of primary plastics produced worldwide by 40% by 2040, compared with 2025....

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