Removing barriers to autonomous vehicle adoption with Microsoft Azure | Azure Blog | Microsoft Azure (

Autonomous vehicles, also known as self-driving cars, have the potential to truly revolutionize the transportation industry, with its impact anticipated across many industries. Several stubborn obstacles, however, stand in the way of mass adoption.

Mercedes-Benz enhances drivers’ experience with Azure OpenAI Service (

Mercedes-Benz announced they are integrating ChatGPT via Azure OpenAI Service to transform the in-car experience for drivers. Starting June 16, drivers in the U.S. can opt into a beta program that makes the MBUX Voice Assistant’s “Hey Mercedes” feature even more intuitive and conversational

10 ways generative AI and Azure OpenAI Service are transforming businesses | Azure Blog | Microsoft Azure (

From generating realistic images and videos to enhancing customer experiences, generative AI has proven to be a versatile tool across various industries. Discover 10 ways businesses are utilizing this game-changing technology to transform their operations and drive growth. Learn more.

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