Miyoo Mini Flip: Game Boy Advance SP inspired retro gaming handheld announced with pre-release teaser video--notebookcheck (www.notebookcheck.net)

"Miyoo has showcased its Game Boy Advance SP-inspired retro gaming handheld. Launching later this year after the Miyoo A30, the Miyoo Mini Flip will feature a flip-up display, two joysticks and enough power to emulate up to PlayStation 1 games."

Figured out where to correct game names for Daphne Folder

I have been trying to figure out why 3/4 of the games in my Daphne folder show the wrong name, despite having a proper miyoogamelist.xml file in the correct folder. Turns out they don’t get their name from there. Instead they get their name from a file located in : /BIOS/arcade_lists/arcade-rom-names.txt...

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