The gondola’s price tag just went up again. Here’s why UDOT still says it is moving forward with the controversial plan. (www.sltrib.com)

According to UDOT records, the agency is taking a phased approach to the canyon’s transportation. As early as this summer, the department will get the ball rolling on buying more buses, designing mobility hubs and make plans for tolling in the canyon. The latest tolling estimates could be around $20 to $30, with the hopes of...

Hundreds of thousands of Utahns are at risk of going hungry (www.sltrib.com)

Hundreds of thousands of Utahns experience food insecurity, whether that means they can’t afford high-quality or preferred groceries or are skipping meals. But many others don’t understand the depth of the problem, said Ginette Bott, executive director of the Utah Food Bank.

Utah Lt. Gov. Deidre Henderson erred by allowing Celeste Maloy on the congressional ballot, lawmakers say (www.sltrib.com)

Legislative leaders are at odds with Republican Lt. Gov. Deidre Henderson over the controversy surrounding Utah’s 2nd Congressional District special election. Henderson, who oversees elections for the state, has brushed off any suggestion that Celeste Maloy, who won the vote of GOP delegates last month, was ineligible when she...

Celeste Malloy registered as a Utah Republican voter three days after filing to run for Congress. Here’s why it matters. (www.sltrib.com)

Celeste Maloy won the delegate nomination at the Utah Republican convention for the 2nd Congressional District special election. However, it was revealed that her voter registration was not current when she filed to run, and she updated it three days later. Her residency and eligibility as a Utah Republican candidate are being...

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