Update notice: Version 3.5.70 Ewella AS and cat set

EDIT: Apparently this update isn't today... I guess we'll find out more at the livestream, including potentially additional content? They're being sneaky with this notice.

EDIT2: Seems like it was possibly just an app store approval delay? Seems to be there now anyway.

Whoops, I absolutely thought the update wouldn't be until after the livestream, but here we are!

Note: This is an app version update, so will be available to download from app stores approx 23 hours from the time of this post, and all content will be available immediately after updating (going by the recent trend of summons being available without waiting in recent versions). Make sure you have data, storage and time for the download before initiating it.


  • Ewella Another Style (Oberon) will be added, with treatises available from Another Dungeons immediately after updating.
  • Various Fateful Encounters added.
  • Ewella matching cat set added.
  • Sazanca character quests added to the Replay Story feature.


  • 220 Chronos Stones as the login item on 22nd Feb, to celebrate Japan's Nyational Cat Day.

It's possible we might also have an update coming on 26th Feb? I'm not actually sure at this point, but we'll definitely find out in the livestream tomorrow! And if there's no update then, there definitely will be on 9th March... probably.

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