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Not getting new color scheme on iPhone 14 Pro Max after IOS 17 update

We have a 12 and 14 ProMax and I noticed the new color scheme change on the 12. For example, the yellow to red-orange change on the calculator buttons, and the blue to dark-blue change on the wifi/data/BT/airplane buttons in control center. However, it didn’t change on the 14. Anyone know if there’s a setting somewhere to...

Recent experiences with AirPods AppleCare+ battery replacement?

My 2 years of AppleCare+ are almost up for my AirPods Pro. It’s hard to tell whether my batteries have degraded significantly, but I’ve gotta imagine 2 years of use would take their toll, and frankly I’d like to get my money’s worth on the warranty. There are many reports on Reddit of people getting a no-questions-asked...

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