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I got a €90 fine from police in paris

Was cycling one of those small access roads that straddle the very large main roads. There was a wall between that and the main road. A police van and fire engine were blocking the road, and it was cordoned off with tape. I went on the pavement, very slowly, walking pace. But the municipal police stopped me and asked for my...

Excited for my first trip of the year next month (

Ill be cycling l’avenue verte from Dieppe to Paris, then back to London. Bivouac en route, and a nice campsite outside Paris on the Sienne to chill out and take a shower in between exploring the city. Ive put a brooks saddle and some ergon grips on my bike too which im looking forward to field testing!

💡 Ho, Ho, Ho! Ultralight Camp Light Giveaway 💡 (

What’s up party people. It’s christmas time and i am giving away six ultralight camp lights, including batteries*. They weigh a whooping 11 g including two CR2032 batteries. According to the seller, the power should last for thirty hours and then start dimming down when power starts to fade, so no sudden death. I have not...

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