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I need help deciding which phone to buy to emulate Switch indies.

Despite I more or less handle myself in the PC world, I am a complete ignorant when it comes to Android, and in my country for some reason the Xioami Note 12 have a very good (I’ve never had a Xiaomi device) and I would like someone to help me decide if it is a good purchase or not in my case, and even better if someone can...

Is there a way to mass import box art into Daijisho?

I know Daijisho automatically scrapes, which is cool, but I'm not always crazy about the way it scrapes box art. I have an emulation station setup on my PC and I'd really like to copy the box art images from there and import them into Daijisho, but I can't find where those images are stored on my Android device (Retroid Pocket...

Retroid Pocket 3+ or Ayn Odin Lite

I’m looking to get a dedicated Android handheld for some Android games as well as some PS2 GC emulation. I also will probably use it a lot for streaming games from my gaming PC at home. I already have a Steam Deck and Switch OLED. I also have a controller for my Z Fold 4 but I hate having to work with on screen control only...

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