My neighbors vegetable garden is exploding with zucchinis so he gave me a HUGE one. I made 2 soups. This curry zucchini potato soup and a zucchini potato cheddar mustard soup with crispy bacon. The cheddar soup is for my other neighbor who doesn't eat spicy foods.


recipe please!


Fry some chopped onion, ginger and garlic in oil till it's soft and fragrant. I used coconut oil. Add garam Masala, tumeric and ground kashmiri chili and bloom the spices. Add peeled potato, chunks of zucchini, coconut milk. Add vegetable stock or water to submerge all veggies. Add salt to Taste. Cook till the Potatos are cooked and soft. Use a (immersion) blender to make it smooth.

Tadka is couple Table spoons of ghee ( or other oil) heated in a pan. When oil is hot, turn of fire and add table spoon of brown mustard seeds, cumin and a couple of curry leafs. I use frozen Curry leaves and I make sure to dry them met paper towels so they don't splatter to much.

I also bought some fried Spicy beans, lentils for a crispy topping.


Are the leaves edible or intended to be eaten?


Yes, yes. They are crispy Curry leafs.

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