OC Utility II - inspired by "Hop Picker Watch" by Grégoire Sage (objkt.com)

This is my second "Utility" token. Like the first one, it is also a clock. It tells the time, which is very useful. This clock layout is based on my favorite pebble watch-face: "Hop Picker Watch" by Grégoire Sage https://apps.rebble.io/en_US/application/52f2c9ddab54ff806f000088

What I like about telling time this way is that it is intentionally imprecise. You don't need to know the exact time, this is good enough, and at a glace you get everything you need. This is the perfect amount of entropy for telling time.

The background is animated, and uses entropy locking to create colorful noise on the screen. The seed changes every minute and so does the animation.

Reading the time: the hand indicates the hour + minute position on a 12h clock. Dots are placed every 15 minutes, large dots on the hour. The number close to the center of the clock is the day of the month (eg. 3 in the thumbnail image).

(click the link to run the clock in fullscreen, it's animated and actually works as a clock lol)


Makes me think of some old space video game where you actually have to map out where you are

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Oooh with like dials and stuff to be like: calculate your galactic position for the jump

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@aebrer lol I had no clue you rocked the Pebble watch. You still using your Pebble or have you moved on to something else

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Still rocking my pebble time steel lol! It's just too good not to use it.

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