OC entropy locked eggplant redux (files.catbox.moe)

live link: https://objkt.com/asset/KT1LNtgRnfyFgP85M9znLorh2anKSZAgBRrd/11

created on the TIC80 for (belatedly)


  • right click to enter HYPERSPECTRAL MODE
  • right click again to change the seed (which manifests as new colors and dither patterns)
  • left click to leave HYPERSPECTRAL MODE

This piece is a redux of my first piece: "eggplant" https://objkt.com/asset/hicetnunc/158229

I converted the code (buggily) to TIC80, and created a new interactive visualization on that starting point. In this piece, one can get an intuitive sense of how the entropy locking leads to emergent patterns both in the color and the dither.

Press esc and close game to enter the terminal, and esc again to see the source code. It's a bit of a mess, keeping in the spirit of this event. You'll see the aubergines themselves are made of rotating squares, it's quite goofy.

aebrer avatar

with different seeds you get quite different dither patterns, thanks to the entropy locking:


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